Para Site

Luke Ching, Vvzela Kook

Until Apr 25

Left: Installation view of Glitch in the Matrix, Luke Ching. Photo: Samson Cheung Choi Sang. Right: Installation view of Confidential Records: Overwrite, Vvzela Kook. Photo: Yi Yi Lily Chan 

The title Glitch in the Matrix is borrowed from the film The Matrix, referencing the changes in the coded virtual world. For Luke Ching, his daily experiences often make him feel caught between a sense of déjà vu and jamais vu (never seen), leading him to question whether there is a glitch in the system. Early works of Ching’s on view in the exhibition reveal political perspectives that are relevant to the current social climate and which are pursued in the new works on view as well.

Confidential Records: Overwrite presents three chapters of Vvzela Kook’s science fiction series Confidential Records, ongoing since 2016 and which originated in Kook’s extensive research into the history of Kowloon Walled City, drawing inspiration from scientist Ray Kurzweil’s Law of Accelerating Returns to extrapolate a future in which the development of artificial intelligence is so advanced that it threatens the existence of humans. Newly commissioned for this exhibition, the eponymous third chapter, Overwrite, takes the form of a multimedia walk, where the audience is invited to follow a route out of the exhibition space and into the streets near Para Site, guided by a series of clues and instructions.


「機密錄:重寫」為曲淵澈自2016年以來持續進行的科幻系列創作《機密錄》的三個章節的呈現。《機密錄》系列的創作背景源於曲氏對九龍城寨歷史的廣泛資料搜集及研究,參考了科學家Ray Kurzweil的「加速回報定律」,以人工智能發展將超越人類並其產生威脅為故事主軸。與展覽同名的全新委約創作《機密錄:重寫》為此科幻系列的第三章,將以多媒體導行形式進行,帶領觀眾走出展覽場地,進入週邊現實的街道上追蹤一系列線索。

Ellen Pau / Feature / July 6, 2019
Various artists / Review / August 30, 2017

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