Pékin Fine Arts

Pieter Hugo

Mar 26 – Jun 25
Opening: Tuesday, Mar 26, 2 – 6pm

The show debuts works from Flat Noodle Soup Talk (2015-16), the artist’s first works shot in Beijing, taken over two brief residencies, his first trips to China. Eschewing the touristy, he chose instead to record Beijingers in fleeting moments of ordinary intimacy. He reached out to friends of interpreters and hotel employees, inviting them to be portrait subjects. Choosing average, mainly young people living and working in Beijing, Pieter’s image framing and lighting are oddly reminiscent of classic poses from Dutch Old Master paintings. These are strong characters unintimidated by the camera lens. There are nudes shot at home, families on sofas, close-up street portraits, smokers, tattoos, blue hair, piercings, strong girls and funny fashions. Peter didn’t aspire on his first trips to China to capture anything more emblematic of the country than ordinary Beijingers just being, however oddly, themselves.  

Union Industrial Building
16/F, 48 Wong Chuk Hang Road
Wong Chuk Hang
(852) 2177 6190
Tu-Fr 10am to 6pm
Sa 11am to 6pm

Pékin Fine Arts is a Beijing & Hong Kong-based contemporary art gallery representing international artists, focusing primarily on artists from China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Established by 20-year China resident Meg Maggio in 2005.