Simon Lee Gallery

Hans-Peter Feldmann

Mar 19 – May 8

Untitled by Hans-Peter Feldmann, Oil on wood, framed, 24 x 20 cm. © Hans-Peter Feldmann.

German artist Hans-Peter Feldmann’s third solo exhibition at Simon Lee in Hong Kong encompasses works from across his nearly five-decade career, including sculpture, photography, installation, collage, appropriated images and found objects.

Marco Brambilla / Review / February 14, 2017

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Founded in London in 2002, Simon Lee Gallery represents artists of diverse generations whose practices explore a wide range of media, from sculpture and painting to video and photography, and who share a broad interest in an exploration of the conceptual. Aiming to provide a significant international audience for its artists, the gallery also regularly punctuates its programme with historical exhibitions and curated group shows, which present shifts in contemporary art practice and thought, whilst broadening the dialogue with artists outside of the gallery’s core programme. In addition to its UK activity, in 2012 the gallery opened a space in Hong Kong, which introduced its artists to a wider public in Asia, with a fully independent programme. In 2014, Simon Lee Gallery opened an office and private viewing space in New York. In 2017, this space was re-launched with a year-round programme of exhibitions and events, showcasing the work of emerging and established artists in dynamic group and solo exhibitions. 

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