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Samson Young at Kiang Malingue Hong Kong

Samson YoungMusic for selective hearing, or assisted livingSep 24 – Nov 5, 2022 Kiang Malingue13/F Blue Box Factory Building25 Hing Wo StreetAberdeen, Hong Kong+852 2810 0317By appointment kiangmalingue.comWeChat Kiang Malingue is pleased to present Samson Young’s first solo exhibition at the gallery’s Hong Kong space. Titled Music for selective hearing, or assisted living, this exhibition will feature five sets of artworks created by the artist in the last two years. Known for exploring the fabric of the socio-political by examining the history and contemporary conditions of sound and music, Young considers in the exhibition the complicated nature of ‘sound conditioning’ – the active control of ambient sounds, as exemplified by such devices as white-noise sleep aids – as self-care and recuperation, but also as self-imposed isolation, control, and wilful disengagement. Included in the exhibition is Samson Young’s collaboration with his long-time friend, violist William Lane. The installation Often easy, sometimes impossible (2021 – 2022) consists of a two-channel video, in which Lane performs Young’s original composition that was scored for a triangle, a viola, and a synthesised glass harmonica …

Yeung Hok Tak at Kiang Malingue Hong Kong

Yeung Hok Tak /What a big smoke ring /Apr 30 – May 28, 2022 / Kiang Malingue12 & 13/F Blue Box Factory Building25 Hing Wo StreetAberdeen, Hong Kong+852 2810 0317By appointment The gallery is pleased to present Yeung Hok Tak’s solo exhibition What a big smoke ring, the Hong Kong   artist’s first exhibition with Kiang Malingue. Showcasing more than twenty recent paintings by the artist, the exhibition on the newly expanded 13th floor of the gallery’s studio space comprehensively celebrates the latest development of Yeung’s artistic trajectory over two decades: a body of vibrant, luscious and humorous works that deals in an evermore sophisticated fashion with a city’s history, in relation to a world that deems both the present and the future uncertain.