Tai Kwun Contemporary

Myth Makers—Spectrosynthesis III

Dec 24 – Apr 10, 2023
Opening: Friday, Dec 23, 6pm–9pm

Courtesy Tai Kwun Contemporary.

Myth Makers—Spectrosynthesis III circles around the core notion of “queer mythologies” and delves into modern and contemporary mythologies along with practices of the body, by gathering a diverse range of artistic idioms related to LGBTQ+ perspectives from over 60 artists from Asia and its diasporas.

The exhibition draws inspiration from artists addressing “queer mythologies”, who highlight either same-sex love and desire or gender fluidity as found in ancient belief systems and traditions in Asia. At the same time, the exhibition also highlights the “new traditions” of our times, of spectacle and celebrity, playful and/or transgressive, along with non-normative bodily practices and histories in artworks by contemporary artists.

「神話製造者——光.合作用 III」圍繞「酷兒神話」的核心概念,結集了50多位來自亞洲及其流散族群的藝術家,以LGBTQ+ 主題相關的藝術形式,探索各種當代神話和身體實踐。


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