Ping Pong 129

Abram Deyo, Alvin Lam, Anthony Lau, Kevin Leung, Khoa Tran, Mathew Cheung

Sep 8 – Oct 3

Abram Deyo

The Walking with Wheels photography exhibition highlights the challenges people who walk with wheels face in Hong Kong. It draws public attention to the economic, social and safety aspects of walking with wheels. Walking with Wheels is an initiative by Designing Hong Kong to advocate for recognition of this mode of transport in urban planning, transport policy, road design, and pedestrianization.

LG/F, Nam Cheong House
129 Second Street, Sai Ying Pun
T (852) 9035 6197
Tu-Sa 6 to 11pm

A gintoneria in a disused ping pong hall with a lively programme of exhibitions and events.

Represented artists
Richard Winkworth