Ping Pong Gintonería

Antonio Casadei

Mar 18 – Jul 10, 2023

Antonio Casadei: Sculpture, Statue Square, Central, Hong Kong. Photo: William Furniss.

This exhibition shows a selection of work completed by the artist in Hong Kong and includes a photo-essay by Hong Kong photographer William Furniss about Casadei’s public art installations in Statue Square and Mei Foo Sun Chuen.

Talks (supported by Artomity)

Wednesday, 22 March, 4.30pm – 6pm
Bouie Choi & John Batten: Seeing Hong Kong Now
Hong Kong artist Bouie Choi’s current exhibition of groundbreaking landscape paintings at Grotto Fine Art and art critic and photographer John Batten’s recent street photographs each try to capture the feeling of Hong Kong now. In a frank conversation, they will discuss each other’s work.

Thursday, 23 March, 4.30pm – 6pm
Joyce Wong: The Fantasy World of Luis Chan
Joyce Wong, curator of the recent Luis Chan retrospective exhibition at the Hong Kong Arts Centre, will discuss the art and life of Chan, whose visionary paintings captured the freewheeling zeitgeist of 1960s and 70s Hong Kong.

Friday, 24 March, 4.30pm – 6pm
Fionnuala McHugh: The Art of Antonio Casadei
Journalist Fionnuala McHugh will discuss Antonio Casadei, whose 1960s and 70s public art commissions were some of the first to be included in private interior design and large public landscape building projects in Hong Kong.

Arthur Hacker / City / May 21, 2022
Crossing Hong Kong’s Harbour / City / January 26, 2018
Gerard d’Alton Henderson / City / May 19, 2017
Hong Kong in the 1970s / City / October 5, 2016

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