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Ai Weiwei, Chen Fei, Chen Ke, Huang Yuxing, Liu Wei (b. 1965), Liu Wei (b. 1972), Ouyang Chun, Wang Guangle, Wang Xingwei, Wang Yin, Xie Nanxing, Yu Youhan, Zhang Xiaogang, Zhou Chunya

Jul 8 – Aug 13
Opening: Wednesday, Jul 8, 4 – 7pm

In-Out Series No. 4 by Zhang Xiaogang, Oil on canvas, 170 x 330 cm, 2006. Courtesy the artist and Tang Contemporary Art.

Tang Contemporary Art is proud to present at its Hong Kong gallery Racket of Cobwebs: Chinese Contemporary Art Group Exhibition. This is the first time the Hong Kong gallery has worked hand in hand with collectors, alongside curator Amy Lee, to launch a show featuring some of the biggest names in Chinese contemporary art.
Coinciding with Hong Kong’s auction week in July, Racket of Cobwebs: Chinese Contemporary Art Group Exhibition will present an overview of the progress of Chinese contemporary art over the past 30 years.
The exhibition includes remarkable pieces by blue-chip artists. Zhang Xiaogang allows us to examine how a generation of Chinese artists discovered their own voices and matured creatively. Created in the same year Chinese artists had a major presence at the 45th Venice Biennale, Liu Wei’s My Father and Mother is a historically important painting that will be shown for the first time in Hong Kong. It is followed by an abstract neon work by Huang Yuxing, a defining example of the younger generation of Chinese artists.
The exhibition includes works by 16 artists: Ai Weiwei, Chen Fei, Chen Ke, Huang Yuxing, Liu Wei (b.1965), Liu Wei (b.1972), Ouyang Chun, Rong Rong, Wang Guangle, Wang Xingwei, Wang Yin, Xie Nanxing, Yu Youhan, Yang Fudong, Zhang Xiaogang and Zhou Chunya.
Curator Amy Lee comments: “The artists in this exhibition coincidentally chose this ‘racket of cobwebs’ strategy. From accumulating the energy to spinning a web to wielding it freely, this one coherent, smooth movement can highlight the driving forces in the competitive arena of this new era.”

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Tang Contemporary Art is a Hong Kong, Beijing and Bangkok-based art gallery, representing some leading key figures in Contemporary Chinese art. As one of the most critically driven exhibition spaces in Asia, Tang Contemporary Art is fully committed to promote local and international art, and encourage the dynamic exchange between artists and audiences.

Represented artists
Ai Weiwei, Liu Xiaodong, Wang Du, Guo Wei, Ling Jian, Peng Yu & Sun Yuan, Vasan Sitthiket, Preeyachanok Ketsuwan, Chatchai Suphin