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‘Jesus’ graffiti in Arcadia (lazing lovers, roped-off picnic area next to waterfall), near Mui Wo,Lantau Island, Hong Kong, August 14, 2020. 

After summer rain, this peaceful park has a cascading waterfall and a full water hole. Groups of young people lounge in the late afternoon sun after a swim. A languid couple relax, chatting, the only people caught in the photograph. 

Another place is demarcated by the padlocked BBQ pit and roughly erected, frequently ignored security tape roping off seating and tables. Covid-19 social distancing rules are still loosely prescribed, even in this isolated spot. In this year of coronavirus, the graffiti on display is 

alternatively a wailed cry to Jesus or one of disdain – “Jesus!” – concerning the restrictions imposed in Arcadia.


Photo: John Batten

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