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Closing soon: Jacqueline Kiyomi Gork ‘Olistostrome’ at Empty Gallery

Jacqueline Kiyomi Gork
Sep 11 – Nov 20, 2021

Empty Gallery 
18 & 19/F Grand Marine Center
3 Yue Fung Street, Tin Wan
Hong Kong
+852 2563 3396
Tuesday – Saturday, 11am – 7pm

Empty Gallery’s second solo exhibition with Jacqueline Kiyomi Gork, Olistostrome, is closing soon on next Saturday, November 20. 

Often aiming to reconfigure received hierarchies between audience, performer, and exhibition architecture, Gork’s hybrid practice exists in the slippery disciplinary interstice between sculpture and sound installation. Acutely sensitive to the ways in which the sonic world regulates and molds our sense of subjective interiority, Gork both draws on and subverts the legacy of cybernetics—creating systems of embodied feedback which seek to mobilize the emancipatory potential latent within everyday materials and infrastructures, as well as the simple act of listening.

The visual and sonic (Solutions to Common Noise Problems) landscape is punctuated by a series of sculptures known as Attenuators. At once resembling sacred rocks, greco-roman statuary, and topological formations, these enigmatic structures– dispersed like islands within a reservoir of dry pebbles– function simultaneously as sculptures in the classical sense, and as sonic modifiers for Gork’s psychoacoustic environment. Formed out of felted wool through a laborious hand-needling technique, they continue her long-term exploration of the shared vocabulary common to handicrafts, fiber art– specifically in it’s feminist and post-minimal incarnations– and industrial sound-proofing textiles.

Jacqueline Kiyomi Gork在Empty Gallery舉行的第二個 個展《 Olistostrome》將於下星期六11月20日結束。

Gork 多元混雜的藝術實踐往往意在重整觀眾、表演者和展覽建築間的 接收分類等級制,她的作品存身於雕塑和聲音裝置間含糊多變的規界縫隙中。Gork對聲音世 界如何規範和塑造我們的主體內在性有敏銳的察覺,故她運用和顛覆遺存的控制論,創出多 個反饋具現化系統,試圖動用存在於基礎建設、日常物料以及聆聽行為中有助解放的可能潛力。


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