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Andrew Eldon at Blue Lotus Gallery 

Andrew Eldon /
Tribe /
Oct 27 – Nov 12, 2023 /
Artist talk: Saturday, Nov 4, 11am – 12.30pm /

Blue Lotus Gallery 
G/F, 28 Pound Lane
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong 
+852 5590 3229 
Tuesday – Sunday, 11am – 6pm


The gallery is pleased to present an intimate photographic exhibition by Andrew Eldon titled Tribe. This thought-provoking series offers a rare glimpse into the world of the Suri, a semi-nomadic tribe inhabiting the remote Omo Valley of Ethiopia.

Through vivid portraits and cultural scenes, Eldon’s lens captures the grace and splendor of Suri life and traditions before they are irrevocably altered by modernisation. His images reveal the tribe’s distinctive practices of body modification and adornment. Women wear large clay lip plates and both men and women engage in ritual body scarring—testaments to the Suri’s unique concepts of beauty and identity. Eldon’s photographs also unveil the Suri’s elaborate floral headdresses and face painting, artful preparations usually reserved for special occasions.

Beyond aesthetics, the exhibition invites viewers to understand the daily rhythms and values of Suri life. Their semi-nomadic pastoral existence revolves around cattle herding and subsistence farming on ancestral lands. Family and community are central pillars for the Suri, with polygamy commonly practiced and major decisions made collectively by village elders. While life is difficult by modern standards, Eldon’s images radiate the Suri’s infectious joy and camaraderie.

Eldon’s photographs capture a culture on the cusp of transformation. The Ethiopian government has begun leasing Suri lands to international mining and agricultural companies, carving roads through once-isolated terrain. The exhibition becomes a meditation on the impermanence of indigenous cultures amidst the unstoppable tide of globalisation.

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