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DE SARTHE announces its new location with inaugural group show On-Going

Double Fly Art Center, Liang Ban, Lu Xinjian, Ma Sibo, Mak2, Richard Streimatter-Tran, Xin Yunpeng, Zhong Wei, Zhou Wendou, Lin JingjingOn-GoingOct 15 – Nov 5, 2022 Grand Opening of new gallery spaceSaturday Oct 15, 20222pm – 7pm DE SARTHE26/F, M Place54 Wong Chuk Hang RoadHong Kong+ 852 2167 8896Tu-Sa 11am – 7pm DE SARTHE is pleased to announce its new location with an inaugural group show On-Going featuring 12 selected works of its represented artists. Occupying the 26th floor of M Place, Wong Chuk Hang, DE SARTHE is determined to continue its boundary pushing practice at the new location, through thoughtfully curated exhibitions and cutting-edge programmes, supporting emerging Asian artists. The inaugural show On-Going brings the audience on re-exploration of our featured artists’ significant evolvement through their artistic practices in the past 6 years.

Andrew Luk 陸浩明 & Samuel Swope

More than a decade ago, futurists and techno-hobbyists started to pronounce with unalloyed confidence that drones would upend the way we live. Aside from widely publicised use cases for the military, law enforcement and surveillance, the proposition was that they could also provide entertainment through photography or as general playthings, while others could automate tasks for us, like robotic cleaners or all-seeing autonomous security guards that watch over homes from above. As social and cultural developments iterate and unfold, technological advancements that ostensibly make our lives easier come with strings attached. Yet the overarching concern is velocity – prosperity and power await the first to switch zero to one. The cultural theorist and philosopher Paul Virilio described this condition as “dromology”, likening the evolution of society and culture to a race. Hong Kong-based artists Andrew Luk and Samuel Swope have teamed up for a project that unpacks Virillo’s observation. To make their point, the duo built a racetrack for drones in de Sarthe’s gallery space. Luk and Swope sound like architects when they describe what …