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Katie Graham at Major Pop Gallery

Katie Graham
A Deep Sense
Nov 9 – 19, 2023

Major Pop Gallery
G/F, 54 Sai Street
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong 
+852 6639 9903
Tuesday – Sunday, 1pm – 7pm

Katie Graham’s paintings made of silk, ink, linen and thread, have a deep sense of layered and tactile artistry. Each fabric has a story and a sense of place. In a world of machines and mass production Katie’s work celebrates the beauty and value of human touch. With colour, form and texture she invites us to celebrate this deep sense and its significance in connecting with people and places. Light and dark patterns, inspired by nature, are revealed with layered markings on the silk surfaces. On top of each, a woven thread, sometimes in bold bright red, clearly defines a new line to draw the eyes’ attention. As an audience, we are stitched inside the bounds of each canvas and the only way to look is inward.

By combining the gestural movements of traditional calligraphy with the compositional structure of Western abstract painting, Katie is writing an indecipherable journey. The central trio of large works form a harmonious tapestry that engage our senses.  She invites the audience to feel their way through the landscapes, letting their interconnectedness guide them. 

Katie’s explanation of the silk’s deceptive strength stays with us as we leave her studio. The silk, supporting layers of ink brushstrokes, heavy reworkings, and grafted stitching, mirror the resilience of traditional art forms. Despite their delicate appearance and potential obscurity, as long as artists like Katie Graham continue to develop and build upon past foundations, the fabric of tradition remains unwavering. 

Studio visit and essay extract by JJ McGrath Curator, Nock Art Foundation

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