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[Call for Entries] 2017 Art Next Expo and International Artists Awards

Art Next Expo 2017 is calling for entries for its exhibition and International Artists Awards, to be held from Oct 6 to 9, 2017 at PMQ, Central.

Formerly known as New Art Wave, Art Next was established in 2015 to provide a platform for young and emerging artists from around the world to showcase their talents to the art community, including collectors, critics, scholars and art lovers in Hong Kong and further afield.

Artists are invited to submit their works, which will be reviewed by a panel of judges. Finalists will showcase their works at Art Next Expo 2017, and will qualify for the International Artists Awards. The submission deadline is April 30, 2017.

The first edition of Art Next Expo took place in August 2015 in Macau, receiving more than 2,000 entries from artists from mainland China, Argentina, Malaysia, Germany, South Korea, the United States, the Czech Republic, Macau, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Indonesia, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Italy, Poland, Georgia, Switzerland and Japan. From among them, 100 artists were selected to join the Expo, many of them graduates from leading art institutions including China Central Academy of Fine Arts, National Taiwan University of Arts, University of the Arts London, RMIT University, the Malaysian Institute Of Art, Hongik University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

The first round of judging will determine the finalists for the Expo. As with the first edition, this year’s judges are well-known scholars and art professionals, including Pi Dao Jian, associate director, Curatorial Committee, China Artists Association; Wu Dar Kuen, director, Taipei Artist Village; Daphne King Yao, director, Alisan Fine Arts; Hon Bing Wah, vice president, Hong Kong Artists Association; and Josh Yiu, a professor at the Art Museum at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

The second round of judging, at the Expo venue, will determine the winners of the International Artists Awards. Judges include Adam Budak, chief curator, The National Gallery in Prague; Feng Boyi, independent curator; Kan Tai-keung, renowned Hong Kong designer; Tang Hoi Chiu, adjunct professor, Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University; and Ava Pao-shia Hsueh, dean of the College of Visual Arts and chair of the Doctoral Programme in Art Creation and Theory in Tainan National University of the Arts.

The winners of the Art Next International Artists Awards will get the chance to join artist-in-residence programmes, stage exhibitions in galleries and collaborate with brands to develop art products for sale around the world. Full details will be announced later. Last year’s winners were Yuen So Ling from RMIT University, who won the Gold Award; Hui Hoi Kiu from China Central Academy of Fine Arts, with the Silver Award; and Ranee Kok Chui Wah from RMIT University, who took the Bronze Award.

Art Next Expo 2017 is supported by the local and international art community, including the Asia Society Hong Kong Center; Fotanian; Le French May; Hong Kong Arts Administrators Association; Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University; Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences; Hong Kong Maritime Museum; the University Museum and Art Gallery, the University of Hong Kong; and Sovereign Art Foundation.

For application details, please visit Art Next’s official website or Facebook page.


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