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Sebastian Stöhrer / Caroline Chiu Studio, Hong Kong

March 23 – 29, 2019

Opening: Saturday, March 23, 2 – 6.30pm

Artist Talk with Ilaria Maria Sala: March 23, 4 – 5pm  
South Island Art Day: March 29, 10am – 6pm
Artist Talk: 29 March, 5 – 6pm 

Caroline Chiu Studio, in collaboration with Carl Freedman Gallery, is proud to present an exhibition of new sculptures by German artist Sebastian Stöhrer. The exhibition features 15 works inspired by the artist’s 2017 Travel Residency in China (sponsored by Caroline Chiu Studio), which included glaze research and site visits in Jingdezhen, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Many of the works are inspired by ancient Chinese masterpieces, traditions and discoveries that the artist made on his travels.  

Stöhrer’s quirky, colourful vessels take on various shapes and sizes, and are united by a fluidity that defies their weight. The application and balance of colour are central to the artist’s creative process. Stöhrer has created and continues to perfect his own personal alchemy of glazing. His hand, chemistry and kiln come together and hatch beautifully balanced, vibrant, unique sculptures with their own innate personas. For example, in this stunning four-legged, indigo blue sculpture that rests on four tripod legs, Stöhrer uses all of this inventiveness. His hybrid works are part sexy legs, part abstract expressionist painting, and all good humour.

Stöhrer is part of a growing group of contemporary artists who have embraced ceramic art and helped it make its way back into contemporary art venues. The market has responded, largely thanks to leading contemporary artists such as Grayson Perry and Franz West, whose emotive, tactile works affirm the relevance of ceramic art as a contemporary medium. The tension between old and new is fundamental to Stöhrer’s work. The organic curvature of his shapes evokes transformation and the humility of an artist who has taken the time to learn the lessons of the past so intensely. In doing so, Stöhrer offers an entirely new future for this ancient art form.

Caroline Chiu Studio
8A Shui Ki Industrial Building                    
18 Wong Chuk Hang Road                    
Hong Kong

Weekday viewings available by appointment.
+852 6117 6155
+852 9222 7315


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