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Walking with Wheels at Ping Pong Gintonería

Walking with Wheels 
Abram Deyo, Alvin Lam, Anthony Lau, Kevin Leung, Khoa Tran, Mathew Cheung
Sep 8 – Oct 3, 2021
Tuesday – Sunday,  5 – 12pm

Ping Pong Gintonería
Basement, 129 Second Street
Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

The Walking with Wheels photography exhibition highlights the challenges people who walk with wheels face in Hong Kong. It draws public attention to the economic, social and safety aspects of walking with wheels. Walking with Wheels is an initiative by Designing Hong Kong to advocate for recognition of this mode of transport in urban planning, transport policy, road design, and pedestrianization.

Walking With Wheels – An Essential Mode of Transport
The challenges to walking with wheels are obvious. Street cleaners and recyclers are often in danger when pushing their trolleys across rugged, steep and cramped streets during their daily routines, while families struggle to find convenient routes with baby prams, wheelchairs or suitcases.

The ability to walk safely and conveniently with carts and trolleys allows us to move loading and unloading locations and thereby reduce traffic congestion.  The Walking with Wheels initiative seeks to encourage the public and government to ask questions and to find solutions.

Can a better understanding of the role and operation of Walking with Wheels help enhance transport efficiencies and reduce road congestion? What benefits does walking with wheels contribute to society? How can we improve the rights of those walking with wheels to the use of roads, pavements, lifts, footbridges and buildings? Can we improve the walking experience, and promote road safety? How can we minimize conflicts with other users of these routes? How can we improve the safety and working conditions of those who are Walking With Wheels?

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