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Bing Lee and Kim Ha-Young at Soluna Fine Art

Bing Lee, Kim Ha-Young /
Storyteller /
Oct 28 – Dec 11, 2021 /
Opening: Thursday, Oct 28, 5pm – 8pm

Soluna Fine Art
GF, 52 Sai Street, Sheung Wan
Hong Kong
+852 2955 5166
Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 6pm

Soluna Fine Art is proud to present Storyteller, a dual exhibition by Bing Lee (b. 1948, New York-based Hong Kong artist) and Kim Ha-Young (b. 1983, London-based South Korean artist). It is both artists’ first exhibition with Soluna Fine Art. While the artists are primarily known for their distinct, witty, and iconographic visuals related to contemporary culture and social concerns, they come from different cultural and generational backgrounds. Bing Lee, who lived in Hong Kong before moving to New York, relays his personal myths and social concerns through his iconographic visual vocabulary, ‘Pictodiary’. While Kim Ha-Young, a Korean artist who continues to pursue her artistic practice in London, speaks about contemporary culture through multi-layered imageries that are inspired by the concept of augmented reality. The dual exhibition will feature paintings and drawings that facilitate dialogues about the contemporary psyche and will open the floor for the audience to explore multiculturalism and art. 

Bing Lee (b. 1948, Guangzhou, China) grew up in Hong Kong and moved to New York in 1979. Since Lee launched his “Pictodiary” project in 1983, he has been committed to working on a daily iconographic journal. The comprehensive visual vocabulary he developed while working on this still ongoing project became a significant portrayal of his work, relaying his personal belief and social concerns. As a multimedia artist, Lee transforms excerpts from the “Pictodiary” to paintings on canvas, engravings on wood, graphite on paper, dye on latex, etched glass, mosaics, ceramics, as well as site-specific murals. His works have been exhibited in art festivals, galleries and museums internationally. Lee’s most recent work is a mural entitled ‘Animal Farm’ at Taikwun Hong Kong, and an upcoming project is a mural at Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD) in Ohio, USA. 

Kim Ha-Young (b.1983 in Seoul, Korea) previously studied painting at Hongik University in Seoul and completed her Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art at the Royal Academy Schools. Since graduating from the Schools in 2011, she has also completed a Doctor of Fine Art (D.F.A.) at The School of Arts and Digital Industries in London. Primarily painting on polyester canvas and drafting films, Kim often incorporates her paintings into animation and installation, exploring the issues of modern technology and science in her works. She is particularly fascinated by our high-tech society’s effects on the human mind and the process of people becoming ‘characterless characters’. While the controlling, cold, rational, and ‘intelligent’ logic onset by advanced technology makes people lose some sense of humanity and individuality, it also makes them more susceptible to vulnerable and fragile feelings. 

About Soluna Fine Art

Soluna Fine Art is a gallery specialising in Asian fine art and objects with deep roots in South Korea. Our mission is to revitalise interest in Eastern aesthetics and philosophy by showcasing established and emerging artists and works of traditional value with contemporary interpretation. Works by artists represented by Soluna Fine Art can be found in private collections and institutions around the world. As well as exhibitions, our annual programme includes fairs, educational initiatives and multi-disciplinary collaborations on an international level.

Image: Left: Honey cone series-HA 02 by Bing Lee, Mixed media on honey cone aluminum, 82 x 62cm, 2017. Right: Augmented Vision-2 by Kim Ha-Young, Acrylic on polyester canvas, 100 x 100cm, 2014. Courtesy the artists and Soluna Fine Art.

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