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Margaux Williamson at White Cube Hong Kong

Margeaux Williamson
Inside the White Cube: Margaux Williamson
Nov 18, 2022 – Jan 7, 2023

White Cube Hong Kong
50 Connaught Road, Central 
Hong Kong
+852 2592 2000
Tuesday – Saturday, 11am – 7pm

White Cube Hong Kong is pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by Canadian artist Margaux Williamson (b. 1979) – the artist’s first solo exhibition in Asia, in which she presents a new series of 20 paintings produced in the last year. 

Always devoid of protagonists, the paintings depict domestic interior scenes, still lifes or patches of landscape close to the artist’s home. They are predominantly dark in tone, illuminated by strong artificial or directional light and executed in an earthy, sombre palette. ‘…for this series I felt a slight repulsion to daylight… and a strong pull to the ground or to the dark and to the glow of reflected light,’ Williamson has said. The rendering of her subject matter alternates between acute detail and abstract gestures, promoting a sense of something in flux or ungrounded. 

Williamson builds her compositions from distinct, constituent parts, combined to form unexpected resolutions. By painting one scene in a particular condition of light or time of day and then adding to it with an altogether different mood, she attempts to inscribe time through paint. ‘I had always loved paintings, as they could provide more space, but how great to see that they could also provide more time,’ she has remarked. Creating a sense of detachment, this process of ‘construction and rearrangement’ shifts the painting away from pure figuration and towards a state of near-abstraction.

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