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Amnesty International Hong Kong’s Carnival: bid for artworks at

Curated by Hong Kong-based French curator Caroline Ha Thuc, Carnival is Amnesty International Hong Kong’s ambitious art project that incorporates an art exhibition, auction, performances, education programmes, and fundraising dinners to advocate for freedom of expression both in Hong Kong and around the world.

All artworks will be auctioned using the Givergy platform from Feb 13, 2017, starting at 10am. Visit to view and bid for all of Carnival’s exhibiting artworks. The auction ends on February 26, 2017, and up to 50% of the artwork sale will be shared with the contributing artists in order to acknowledge their generous support of Amnesty International Hong Kong’s human rights work.

The art exhibition features more than 50 works from renowned local and international artists including Julian Opie, Martin Parr, Invader and Shepard Fairey. Over 20 of the artworks are exclusive to Carnival, and have never been exhibited before. The artists have used every kind of medium, from photography and painting through to engraving and installation. Their interpretations of the theme are also very diverse. Some have chosen to play with the absurd side of Carnival to produce satirical works, while others use a much more metaphorical or poetic approach. Every artwork defends our right to freedom of expression; either by praising its power, highlighting its vulnerability, or expressing fears about its reduction.

Carnival will take place from February 16 to 26, 2017, and you can view the artworks at KONG Art Space in Central.

KONG Art Space
3 Staunton Street, Central, Hong Kong

Exhibition Opening Hours

Feb 17-19, 11am – 8pm
Feb 20-24, 11am – 6pm
Feb 25-26, 11am – 8pm

Online Auction

Amnesty International is entirely independent and objective, as it does not receive donations from governments, corporations or political organisations. Proceeds from the exhibition, auction and fundraising dinners will go to Amnesty International Hong Kong Section Human Rights Education Charitable Trust to deliver human rights education programmes in schools and communities, to monitor and defend Hong Kong’s human rights, and to campaign against social injustice.

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