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The Body and the City at Goethe-Gallery

The Body and the Cityarmechan, C&G Artpartment, Andio Lai, Lai Sim Fong, Lee Hiu Wa, Moe Satt, Nadya Sayapina, Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani, Sebastian Stumpf, Tran Luong, Wong Wing Tong, Ulyana Nevzorova, Yim Sui Fong, RiK Yu   Sep 9 – Oct 23, 2021 Opening: Thursday, Sep 9, 6.30pm  / Guided Tour: 7pm Artist Sharing and Guided Tours:Saturday, Sep 18, 2 – 3.30pmWith artists Andio Lai and RiK Yu, and curator Wong Ka YingFriday, Sep 24, 2 – 3.30pm With artists C&G Artpartment and Wong Wing Tong, and curator Wong Ka YingSaturday, Oct 16, 3 – 4pmGuided tour by Curator Wong Ka Ying Goethe-Gallery and Black Box StudioGoethe-Institut Hongkong14/F Hong Kong Arts Centre  2 Harbour Road, Wan Chai The exhibition The Body and the City presents selected interdisciplinary art works from across the world by 14 artists / collectives, including performance art, sculpture, photography, moving images and conceptual art, which are reflecting on both the body and the city as the subject rather than the object.

Andio Lai 黎仲民

Andio Lai’s path as an artist has been refreshingly indirect. Each personal misstep and doubt forced a self-assessment and redirection to where he is now – and “now” does not necessarily refer to his status as a visual artist. It is a label that sits uncomfortably for him, but if the word “artist” is associated with musicians, cartoonists, gamers, players and those that draw creative stories, then it is a little closer to being an accurate description. After finishing secondary school, Lai – as was expected by the traditional school he attended – began studies at Monash University in Melbourne, on track for a career in business. He settled into university alongside close school friends from Hong Kong during his first-year foundation course, but the following year he found the first-year economics degree courses much less satisfying than reading the campus library’s selection of sci-fi books. Unhappy with his studies, realising he was not cut out to be a businessman and mildly homesick, he returned to Hong Kong in late 2009. Lai grew up in …