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Tai Kwun Contemporary: INK CITY | Portals, Stories, and Other Journeys

Tai Kwun Contemporary: INK CITY Portals, Stories, and Other Journeys
Apr 23 to Aug 1, 2021

1/F JC Contemporary & F Hall, Tai Kwun
10 Hollywood Road 
Central, Hong Kong
Tue – Sun: 11am – 7pm (Closed on Mondays)

Tai Kwun Contemporary has opened two new exhibitions! INK CITY and Portals, Stories, and Other Journeys will be on view from Apr 23 to Aug 1, 2021.

INK CITY sets out an expanded vision of ink art firmly grounded in current social, political, and aesthetic concerns, featuring artists inspired by immediate encounters with contemporary life. Often caught between an overwhelming urbanism and intimate brushes with everyday life, the artists offer keen observations, commentaries, and sometimes even deconstructions of contemporary culture and society through their artworks.

Luis Chan, Chen Shaoxiong, Chu Hing-Wah, Sherry Fung Hoi Shan, Frog King Kwok, Lam Tung Pang, Joey Leung Ka Yin, Li Jin, Wilson Shieh, Sun Xun, Frank Tang Kai Yiu, Tao Aimin, Walasse Ting, Tsang Tsou-Choi (King of Kowloon), Howie Tsui, Evelyn Taocheng Wang, Wei Dong, Yang Jiechang, Zhang Yanzi

Curated by Katherine Don and Tobias Berger

Portals, Stories, and Other Journeys stems from Asia Art Archive’s research since 2014 into the personal archive of the late Hong Kong–based artist Ha Bik Chuen (1925–2009). A self-taught sculptor and printmaker, Ha left behind a vast personal archive—his “thinking studio”. He documented exhibitions that he attended from the 1960s till the 2000s, and kept records in the form of ephemera, negatives, contact sheets, and photo albums. He also collected printed matter like illustrated magazines, and created book collages from these publications. As an autodidact, Ha’s library contained books on art and visual culture from far beyond the port city of Hong Kong. Ha’s idiosyncratic ways of collecting, organising, and regrouping materials blur the boundaries between document and artwork.

Banu Cennetoğlu, Kwan Sheung Chi, Lam Wing Sze, Walid Raad, Raqs Media Collective

Curated by Michelle Wong

Portals, Stories, and Other Journeys is presented by Asia Art Archive

About Tai Kwun Contemporary
Tai Kwun Contemporary is the contemporary art programming arm of Tai Kwun, dedicated to showcasing contemporary art exhibitions and programmes as platforms for a continually expanding cultural discourse in Hong Kong. Operated by the contemporary art team, Tai Kwun Contemporary is an integral part of Tai Kwun at the Central Police Station compound, Hong Kong.

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