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Yeung Tong Lung and Sze Yuen at Blindspot Gallery

Solo · Exhibition · Twice II: Of Seeing /
Sep 12 – Oct 28, 2023 /  
Opening: Saturday, Sep 9, 4pm – 6.30pm /

Blindspot Gallery 
15/F Po Chai Industrial Building 
28 Wong Chuk Hang Road 
Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong 
+852 2517 6238 
Tuesday – Saturday, 10.30am – 6.30pm

Solo · Exhibition · Twice II: Of Seeing is the second joint exhibition by Yeung Tong Lung and Sze Yuen since 1995. The exhibition includes Yeung’s recent oil paintings, and Sze’s charcoal works and oil paintings from the past decade to the present. Yeung Tong Lung is known for his large-scale figurative paintings, characterized by vibrant colors, vivid contrasts, and collagesque compositions that connect multiple spaces, different characters, and narratives on the same plane. Sze Yuen’s creations have always adhered to a horizontal scroll format, with most of her works displaying muted color tones, imbued with a deep sense of uncertainty and instability in terms of location, space, time, and subjects. While their artistic styles diverge greatly, their works are connected by the shared experience of Hong Kong – the city they live in, displaying warmth and care for “home” throughout, alongside an acute social awareness. 

Solo · Exhibition · Twice II: Of Seeing also reflects the artists’ deep and unhurried contemplation on the act and process of “looking at paintings”, through the making of painting, the display of painting, and the interaction between paintings (and the artists). It may not necessarily reach a destination, but it unfolds as an intimate dialogue between the two.

Images: Tattoo House (detail) by Yeung Tong Lung, Oil on canvas, diptych, 154 x 192.5 cm, 154 x 173.8 cm, 2023. Trip I: Journey(detail) by Sze Yuen, Charcoal on paper, triptych, 17 x 183 x 2.8 cm each, 2021. Courtesy the artists and Blindspot Gallery.

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