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Art Upon an Island

Art Upon an Island, an exhibition organised by the Hong Kong Museum of Art, takes place until March 28 in the Exhibition Hall, 1/F, Low Block, Hong Kong City Hall. It features installations that demonstrate the artistic journey of two outstanding Hong Kong artists, taking visitors away from the hustle and bustle of the city to relax by the sea and delight in a thought-provoking experience of nature.

As the name suggests, Art Upon an Island takes islands as its theme, with the artists travelling Hong Kong’s outlying islands. Through the art installations, the artists have established connections with visitors, making art part of their daily lives.

The exhibition takes place at the same time as Art Basel, and the organisers hope to deepen global understanding of Hong Kong art by introducing alternative arts that audiences from around the world do not often see in the mainstream art market.

The exhibition features the works 15.6 Creator Daily by Cheung Chi-wai and 107 No Man Islands by Simon Wan. In 2014 Cheung Chi-wai established Minim, a minimal space at the seaside on one of the outlying islands for friends from various backgrounds to use, including art administrators, theatre groups, writers, social workers, teachers, students and parents. The exhibition showcases their thoughts and first-hand experiences as they watched the city from a distance and reflected on themselves.

Simon Wan, meanwhile, canoed alone to 107 of Hong Kong’s uninhabited outlying islands. He took 107 photographs and developed them on a single 30-metre-long gelatin paper scroll for display in the exhibition, aiming to speak for all of Hong Kong’s forgotten islands.

Hong Kong City Hall is at 5 Edinburgh Place, Central. For details of the exhibition, please visit the museum’s website at or call 2721 0116.

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