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14th Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival

Jun 5 – 28, 2020

The 14th Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival will be held from 5 to 28 June 2020, with 54 local and overseas films to be screened at Broadway Cinematheque, MOViE MOViE Cityplaza and PREMIERE ELEMENTS. Tickets are now available at broadway circuit.

9 Themed Programmes  
11 local and 26 international short films are to be screened and make 9 themed programmes. Each programme, namely “Shades of Youth”, “Spot the Difference”, “Knots Untied”, “Stormy Family”, “Home-breaking”, “Times-a-changing”, “Loneliness is the Best Antidote”, “No Harm Kids”, “No Pain, No Gain”, consists of 3-5 local and international short films. 

6 Must-watch
Opening Film Miyamoto. Directed by Tetsuya Mariko, a Japanese film director and scriptwriter, the film depicts the struggle of a salaryman Miyamoto (Sosuke Ikematsu). Vowing to protect his girlfriend (Yu Aoi), Miyamoto start fight against villain even the possibility to win is almost nil.

2 Special Feature: The Cinema of Tetsuya Mariko. Our guest filmmaker this year who established a unique kind of film style based on fist-fighting, in order to survive in this cruel society. By his innovative might freshen Hong Kong audience up in dealing with our daily life difficulties.

Filmmakers to Watch series. Same as last year, Fresh Wave would like to recommend some Asian emerging filmmakers to our audience. This year the programme will showcase 10 short films directed by Taiwanese director Lin Ya-yu and Malaysian director Leong Siew-hong.

4 Injustice is happening in every corner in the World. In the programme Times-a-changingBelated Listen from Local Competition; Look At The Sky, A Siege (winner of CILECT Prize 2019 – Fiction) & All Day from International Selection will be screened.

5 Local Competition Short Films. 11 shorts from our local filmmakers will be screened including Chan Kam-hei’s This Is Not The End, Lam Sen’s Grace, Ho Yuk-fai’s Eternal Sunshine, Wong Ka-ki’s Wild Child, etc. May their concepts and ideas get into audience’s heart through the camera.

6 International Selections. See yourselves in the other perspectives. Short films from young filmmakers around the world will be showcased including A Day Out, Where is Spring, My Planet, Yuwol: The Boy Who Made The World Dance, Sisters and Tiptoe etc. 

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Simon Au (Festival Manager)
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Wong Wai Lun (Communications Officer)
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