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Video, Sofa, Bauhinia – Retrospective and Reconstruction of Ellen Pau

By Leung Po Shan / “They said There’s nothing special about an onion It deserves all criticisms Despite an earthy costume Its name doesn’t inspire trust Its nature is not agreeable. Peel off layer after layer, there is nothing inside that can be called sophistication! How formalistic!” (Yasi: Extract from “Onion”) What About Home Affairs?, the title of Para Site’s retrospective of Ellen Pau, pioneering Hong Kong artist and co-founder in 1986 of the city’s first video and media art collective, Videotage, can been construed as a bilingual pun, taking in both Hong Kong politics and the shackles imposed on women in the home and society. “Home Affairs” brings to mind the Home Affairs Department, which is responsible for Hong Kong’s internal affairs. The ambiguity of the words creates a discrepancy between the title in Chinese and English. In her essay in the exhibition catalogue, video artist Lo Yin-shan, who emerged a generation later than Pau, references academic David Wang Der Wei’s post-loyalist theory to point out that Pau’s Emergence (A work in progress) (2016) was …

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Soil and Stones, Souls and Songs Para Site Hong Kong Mar 18 – Jun 11, 2017 Caroline Ha Thuc The scope of this ambitious exhibition is very wide, in geography, in time and in the multiple issues that are addressed. Soil and Stones, Souls and Songs refers to the land as a physical territory but also as a receptacle for human memory, mythologies and history. Recent accelerated development in Asian countries has triggered deep and sometimes violent changes among people and also landscapes, leading to massive flows of migration, uprooting of longstanding traditions and land grabs, not to mention the depletion of natural resources. New ideologies and discourses are emerging from the urgent need to adapt to this new context, from nationalism to historical revisionism and critical alternatives to dominant Western ways of thinking. In their curatorial statement for Soil and Stones, Souls and Songs, Cosmin Costinas and Into Guerrero highlight the global feeling of anxiety that also dominates Asian societies today, and underline the general loss of certainty and the violence generated by this shifting geopolitical order. Soil is the fabric of a nation, and dealing with soil inevitably leads to boundaries …

Amna Asghar, Doreen Chan, Viola Chen, Dachal Choi, Come Inside, Eternal Dragonz, Jes Fan, Christopher K Ho, Eisa Jocson, Linda CH Lai, Fiona Lee, Ma Qiusha, Huong Ngo, Ngoc Nau, Vivian Vivian Xiaoshi Qin, Renee So, Salote Tawale, Hiram To, Ka Man Tse, Wong Kit Yi, Kristina Wong, Xiyadie, Bobby Yu Shuk Pui

Jun 30 – Sep 10 Group show. Para Site 22/F, Wing Wah Industrial Building 677 King’s Road, Quarry Bay (852) 2517 4620 Email Web We-Su 12pm to 7pm Para Site Art is a non-profit art organisation that was established in 1996. We produce, exhibit and communicate local and international contemporary art. Our main activities include presenting an ambitious year programme comprising 10 exhibitions, publications of catalogues and PS magazine, a bilingual visual-arts publication. The gallery also organises seminars, talks and workshops.